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PKAL STEM Leadership Institute

Since 1996, the Project Kaleidoscope STEM Leadership Institute has provided nearly 1,000 STEM faculty and administrators with the kind of leadership development experience that is needed to lead with courage, embrace diverse perspectives with authenticity and legitimacy, and communicate bold ideas and innovations in STEM reform with thoughtfulness and clarity. This five-day transformational program is uniquely designed for early and mid-career STEM faculty, administrators, and program directors who are engaged in and committed to contributing to our nation’s agenda for a diverse, competitively-trained, and liberally-educated STEM workforce.

The PKAL STEM Leadership Institute keeps pace and evolves with the unique challenges facing
an ever-changing, 21st century higher education landscape. The Institute empowers individuals
to fully understand and implement the theory and practice of navigating the politics of
change addressing inter- and intra-personal conflicts, while also dismantling the historical
institutional and disciplinary systems, structures, traditions, and beliefs in STEM that limit
our capacity for global competitiveness in science and technology. With more than 75% of
the curriculum grounded in the major tenants of experiential learning, cultural
responsiveness, and rest, participants are both nurtured and actively engaged in their
learning and growth as leaders.

The Institute also features exclusive access to the My Tenure Trek® diversity simulation – the
only one of its kind in American higher education. This simulation awakens and sensitizes STEM
faculty and administrators to the influences of power and privilege within academic STEM
culture by guiding them through real world experiences that are representative of cultures,
norms, and traditions that are distinctly different from their own. MTT creates deep
awareness and clear perspective about the role of microaggressions and implicit biases in
higher education.