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The STEM Inclusionary is a virtual community of HBCU STEM faculty who together make up a vital collective voice for broadening participation in STEM higher education.

A Truly Universal Subject

Understanding how to reform our institutions into diverse and equitable spaces of STEM learning starts at the personal level. The STEM Inclusionary is a virtual space for leaders of STEM education reforms that broaden participation; rooted in the knowledge of HBCU STEM faculty who know from personal experience that being at the forefront of broadening participation in American higher education at a time of increasing racial tensions, threats of physical harm, and politicalization of learning can often feel like an impossible challenge. This emboldened community of faculty and administrators share a commitment to co-creating, co-laboring, and co-learning the most effective means of confronting and combatting structural and systemic barriers that exclude minoritized students and faculty from STEM fields.