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Keystroke Writing Program

While the digital well of online posts, articles, op-eds, and announcements of seminal articles rarely runs dry, the valuable voices of HBCU STEM leader-scholars remain stubbornly absent in bylines. Keystroke is a professional development program of the Center for the Advancement of STEM Leadership. This intensive scholarly writing program, uniquely designed for HBCU STEM faculty and administrators, targets the underlying, often unspoken, challenges that often preclude broadening participation scholars and practitioners from publishing in mainstream scientific literature and media outlets.

Keystroke combines contemplative practices, dedicated and accountable writing time, individual and peer coaching, and a culminating four-day writing institute aimed at ensuring the narratives, perspectives, and worldviews of successful HBCU STEM leaders, from all levels of the professoriate, are captured in peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed outlets.

Keystroke participants actively engaged in:

  • developing important shifts in their mindset about writing, while also gaining skills in identifying their unique voice and the value that lies within it
  • utilizing national data to build compelling cases for broadening participation
  • using writing to raise a national consciousness that values the contributions of leader-scholars and HBCUs, at large, to the U.S. STEM enterprise.

About CASL

The Center for the Advancement of STEM Leadership (CASL) is generously funded by the National Science Foundation. Initiated in 2016, CASL uses its legitimacy within the HBCU community to generate broadening participation research on academic leadership and translate it into a knowledge base that informs leadership theories, policies, and practices – particularly those aimed at broadening the participation of Blacks in STEM – to all of American higher education. Key to achieving this goal is ensuring that STEM faculty and administrators of our nation’s HBCUs are positioned for national thought leadership.  

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